Personal Income Tax Cuts

Stage 3 Personal Income Tax Revamped

The Federal Government has unveiled a proposal to overhaul personal income tax cuts set to commence on July 1, 2024.

This revision aims to redistribute benefits, targeting individuals with taxable incomes below $150,000. The anticipated change is expected to positively impact an additional 2.9 million Australian taxpayers, providing them with higher take-home pay.

The decision to amend the Stage 3 tax cuts reflects a departure from the original intention of the five-year plan to restructure the personal income tax system. Community sentiment, influenced by a significant rise in the cost of living, has prompted this shift in focus. The focus is now towards addressing immediate concerns rather than pursuing long-term structural changes.

The proposed redesign is projected to boost Government revenues by an estimated $28 billion by 2034-35, primarily due to bracket creep.

Key Changes to Personal Income Tax

Tax Rate2023-242024-25 legislated2024-25 proposed
0%$0 – $18,200$0 – $18,200$0 – $18,200
16%$18,201 – $45,000
19%$18,201 – $45,000$18,201 – $45,000
30%$45,001 – $200,000$45,001 – $135,000
32.5%$45,001 – $120,000
37%$120,001 – $180,000$135,001 – $190,000

Under the proposal, all resident taxpayers with taxable income under $146,486, who would actually have an income tax liability, will receive a larger tax cut.

For example an individual with a taxable income of:

  • $40,000 will receive a tax cut of $654, contrasting with no tax cut under the current Stage 3 plan.
  • $100,000 would receive a tax cut of $2,179, $804 more than under the current Stage 3 plan.

However, those earning $200,000 will see their expected benefit halved from $9,075 to $4,529 under the revised plan.

Low-income earners see relief with the Medicare Levy low-income threshold increasing by 7.1% to align with inflation.

Not set in stone

While the proposed redesign is intended to be broadly revenue-neutral. Compared with the existing budgeted Stage 3 plan, where it will cost around $1 billion more over the next four years. This is before bracket creep starts to diminish the gains.

The Government must swiftly enact amending legislation to implement the redesigned Stage 3 tax cuts by July 1, 2024. This process will involve securing support from independents or minor parties in Parliament.

The inception of the personal income tax plan in the 2018-19 Federal Budget aimed to combat ‘bracket creep’. It was also combatting restructure tax rates, with Stage 3 initially scheduled for implementation on July 1, 2024.

Moving forward, it’s crucial to review and reset tax planning strategies to ensure optimal financial outcomes.

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