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We are Business accountants who are certified in Profit First method.

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Profit First Implementation

We help to increase profits for your business by prioritising your profit, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity


Personalised financial advisory to increase business profits, achieve your goals, and master the art of sustained profitability


Our CFO services offer strategic financial leadership for sustained growth and business prosperity

Comprehensive Accounting

Expert accountants who can navigate your compliance obligations and streamline your financial success

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20 Years Experience
Clear, reliable advice to navigate your financial journey with confidence
Service Focused
We are all about service and are committed to your success
Tailored Solutions
Unique solutions designed for your business's individual needs

We are accountants working to increase your profits.

Founded by Rosie Hargreaves, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience, our firm embodies a commitment to reshaping the financial landscape for businesses of all sizes.

Our approach is rooted in responsiveness and a dedication to over-delivering on service, helping you to create a profitable business. Anticipating your needs, we guide you through the complexities of financial management, offering tailored solutions that ensure sustainable growth.

We’re more than accountants; we’re advocates for your success. Whether it’s Profit First consulting, strategic CFO services, helping to manage your business cashflow or comprehensive accounting solutions, our goal is clear — to prioritise your profit, maximise your potential, and redefine your financial future.

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Business Accounting, Tax Advice and Profit First experts on the Gold Coast Amarose Group

What is Profit First?

Amarose Group’s journey into the transformative realm of Profit First wasn’t just a strategic choice; it was a realisation that traditional financial approaches often left businesses just getting by. Witnessing the profound impact Profit First had on businesses, we became passionate advocates for its principles.

Profit First isn’t just a methodology; it’s a mindset shift. It’s about breaking free from the grind of expenses and putting profit at the forefront of financial planning. We’ve seen businesses flourish, not just financially, but holistically — owners enjoying the fruits of their labor, feeling secure about their financial future.

We believe in empowering businesses to prosper. It’s the spark that ignites our dedication — knowing that each business we guide through Profit First isn’t just on a financial journey; it’s on a path to lasting prosperity and we are committed to rewriting the success stories of businesses like yours.

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The Profit First Difference

We are one of
fewer than 100 firms globally
that are Certified in
Profit First.

What this means is that we not only have direct experience guiding clients to higher profits, but that we additionally have access to the other accountants, bookkeepers and Profit First experts who have collectively addressed every type of profit challenge. Any profit question you face, we will have or find the answer.

Hear from Profit First Author, Michael Michalowics below.

What Our Clients Say

Rosie from Amarose Group transformed my business! The Profit First approach and accounting expertise increased my profits and cashflow within the first 6 months. The strategies proved invaluable, and I am forever grateful I became a client. Rosie is trustworthy, efficient, and results-driven—I'm beyond impressed and would definitely recommend Amarose Group to anyone wanting to improve their business finances
Retail Nursery Business
Since coming across to Amarose Group, my creative agency business is thriving! Their Profit First expertise and accounting services transformed my cash flow, ensuring I could draw a wage. I have also been able to finally put money towards those items that add value to my business and clients. Their advice and guidance was totally personalised to my business, definitely give them a go!
Creative Agency Business
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